Dr. Goodfood loves cooking. In these meals we have mixed ingredients in the perfect proportions for you. We hope you'll get inspired and feel free to improvise. You can always swap an ingredient for something else from the same compartment of the VitaPlate!


Breakfast - Oatmeal porridge with mango, pear and sunflower seeds
Breakfast - Buckwheat pancakes with pear and blueberries
Lunch - Wrap with chicken, salad and basil mayo
Lunch - Indian carrot muffins with chicory pear salad
Lunch - Lentil salad with sweet pointed pepper and pita bread
Dinner - Bean burgers with mango salad, rice and herb curd
Dinner - Lentil meatloaf with red cabbage salad, mushrooms and Brussels sprouts
Dinner - Sweet potato hotpot with jackfruit, sauerkraut, apple and pineapple
Dinner - Pearl couscous with pumpkin, dates and yoghurt-mint dip
Snack - Orange chocolate muffins with mandarin

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Variation is very important. Here's why!

Each fruit and vegetable has a different nutritional composition and is therefore a unique addition to the mix of nutrients you need every day. When you eat at least 250 grams (8 oz) of vegetables and 200 grams (7 oz) of fruit every day, with a lot of variation, your body receives a wide range of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and phytonutrients. In this way you will take full advantage of all the good things that fresh fruit and vegetables have to offer.

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