Lunch - Wrap

Wrap with chicken, salad and basil mayo [nut free, lactose free]

  1. Mix the mayonaise, basil and some limejuice with an immersion blender until a smooth sauce. Spread onto wraps generously. squize the remaining lime juice on top of the avocado.
  2. stuff the wraps with avocado, paprika, corn, chicken (or tofu) and rocket. Rol up or fold in half to eat.


Can be prepared ahead to be packed for lunch

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[Non-vegetarian /non -vegan]

mayonaise 3 tbsp
basil handful leafs
lime 1, squized
wraps extra fiber (Amaizin) 2
avocado 2 ripe, sliced
red paprika 1, in thin strips
corn (sugarcorn) 1, kernels from one cob
smoked chicken (or smoked tofu) 150 g, in strips
rocket handful

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