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Hippocrates already knew that nutrition and health are inextricably linked. Unfortunately, with the rise of modern medicine in the Western world, this connection has been lost. Today, a growing group of people are rediscovering the deep connection between health, nutrition and the immune system. Dr. Goodgood would like to help these consumers to improve their health with special recipes and expert advice!

Anna Kruyswijk introduces herself:

"I’ve been interested in everything that blooms even before I started studying medicine. During my years of study there was little knowledge about the positive effects of food, so together with a group of fellow students we read about and experimented with all sorts of food and ingredients. And after my study, while practicing medicine, I’ve always kept a keen eye on what my patients were eating throughout the day."

"Helping my patients with a better diet has been a focal point in my 30 years of practice. From 2008 I wanted to dedicate my life to sharing my knowledge about the medical benefits of food. I founded the “Jouw Voeding" organisation, where we give courses about nutrition and health. Participants learn to get a better grip on their health and learn basic ways to use food to nurture and improve their health. My organisation also gives educational courses to health care professionals like doctors and therapists." 

‘Studies show that organic food holds up to 40% more active ingredients that benefit our health.’*

*Source: Baranski, M., et al (2014). Higher antioxidant and lower cadmium concentrations and lower incidence of pesticide residues in organically grown crops: a systematic literature review and meta-analyses. British Journal of Nutrition, 112, 794-811.

"Health comes from good, wholesome food that nature provides us with. Food with no human tampering or industrial processing. Organic food. Because studies show that organic food holds up to 40% more active ingredients that benefit our health."

"Becoming Dr. Goodfood is an effective new way for me to help Nature & More promote the medical benefits of food. And hopefully inspire people to choose pears and peppers over pills." 

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Anna Kruyswijk has written several books on food, health and lifestyle. Her most recent book "Simply healthy" is in its 5th edition and is still available. For those who read Dutch: more info about the book is available here.

This platform wants to help consumers improve their health with fresh fruit and vegetables. Towards this goal we also like to employ the skills of trained dieticians. We work with food consultant Steffi Haazen of Zuiver Eten, amongst others. Let's choose pears and peppers over pills, whenever we can!