Diner - Lentil-meatloaf

Lentil-meatloaf with redcabbagesalad, mushrooms and brussels sprouts [soy-free, lactose-free]


  1. Preheat the oven to 175°C. 
  2. Bring water to a boil, add in the lentils and cook for 25-30 minutes until done (or use precooked canned lentils).
  3. Meanwhile fry the onion and garlic in some oil.
  4. With an immersion blender or in a foodprocessor blend the onion, lentils and oatmeal until fine, not quite smooth. Stir in egg, minced meat, ketchup, herbs and spices, salt and pepper. Transfer the mixture into a small caketin and smoothout the top. Brush with 3 tablespoons of ketchup and bake in the oven for 35-45 minutes.
  5. Let cool for 10 minutes before slicing.

Also delicious the next day for lunch with a tomatosalad with basil, red onion and some leftover beetsalad.



  1. To create the dressing, combine flaxseedoil, maple syrup, balsamic vinegar and garlic.
  2. Mix redcabbage, onion and beets in a bowl, add the dressing on top and stir carefully. Garnish with some sesame seeds.


Brussels sprouts stirfry with mushrooms and hazelnuts

  1. Blancher the brussels sprouts in boiling water.
  2. Stirfry the brussels sprouts in oil, after 5 minutes add in the mushrooms.
  3. Stir in the springonion, parsley, salt and pepper, when the brussels sprouts are al dente add in the hazelnuts. Serve with the lentil-meatloaf and redcabbage beetsalad.

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[non-vegan / non-vegetarian]

water 125 ml
lentils(dried) 200 g, drained and pat dry (or cooked from a jar)
onion 1, finely diced
garlic 1 clove, pressed
oil ½ tsp
oatmeal 40 g
egg 1
minced meat of choice 100 g 
tomatoketchup (sugarfree) 125 g + 3 tbsp extra
dried Italian herbs 1 tsp
Vadouvan spicemix 1 tsp
salt and pepper



flaxseedoil 1 tbsp
maplesyrup 1 tsp
balsamicvinegar splash
garlic 1 clove, pressed
redcabbage ¼, finely sliced
red onion 1 small, thinly sliced half rings 
fresh red beets (uncooked) 1, peeled and grated
sesameseeds 1 tbsp, roasted in a dry pan


Brussels sprouts stirfry with mushrooms and hazelnuts


brussels sprouts 250 g, cleaned and halved
oil 2 tbsp
mushrooms 250 g, sliced
springonion 1, sliced in rings
parsley 1 tbsp, chopped
hazelnuts 50 g, chopped
salt and pepper

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