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In January 2021, Eosta and Ekoplaza have launched Dr. Goodfood's VitaPlate campaign. Using in-store nudges, reliable information and the VitaPlate, Dr.  Goodfood helps consumers improve their health and resilience, by optimising their diet and lifestyle choices. Of course this requires some serious expertise. Who are the professionals behind Dr. Goodfood? 

Steffi Haazen:

As a young girl, Steffi Haazen found out early what food could do for her health. She had a serious case of eczema on her arms, for which no cure could be found. Untill she started eating probiotics at Anna Kruyswijk's advice. The eczema disappeared and never came back! Steffi was fascinated and later chose to study nutrition. As a registered dietician she started her own food consultancy and in 2019 published the book "Best before" (in Dutch: "Ten minste houdbaar tot"). Steffi developed the VitaPlate concept. 

Anna Kruyswijk:

Anna Kruyswijk was trained as a doctor and studied the field of nutrition for over forty years. "During my medicine studies there was no attention for nutrition, so I started reading up on it. During my 30 years of practice as a general practitioner, my patients' nutrition has always been a point of attention. I stopped my practice in 2008 and since then I have applied myself completely to education in the field of nutrition and health." Anna developed the Foodfix recipes for Dr. Goodfood. She also treated Steffi Haazen successfully as a child.

About the Dr. Goodfood campaign

In 2018, Eosta launched the Dr. Goodfood campaign, being Europe's leading organic produce specialist. With consumer brand Nature & More as a vehicle, Dr. Goodfood highlights the importance of a healthy diet and preventive health care and helps consumers make healthier choices. From 2020 onwards, Eosta has joined forces with the Dutch organic supermarket chain Ekoplaza to promote healthy food and lifestyle choices.

‘Studies show that organic food holds up to 40% more active ingredients that benefit our health.’*

*Source: Baranski, M., et al (2014). Higher antioxidant and lower cadmium concentrations and lower incidence of pesticide residues in organically grown crops: a systematic literature review and meta-analyses. British Journal of Nutrition, 112, 794-811.

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Food consultant and dietician Steffi Haazen developed the VitaPlate concept for Dr. Goodfood. She also wrote a book on food ("Ten minste houdbaar tot", 2019) that answers many frequently asked questions about food choices.

Doctor Anna Kruyswijk is the original Dr. Goodfood. She developed the Foodfix recipes on this website and wrote several books about nutrition, lifestyle and health. An interview with Anna Kruyswijk can be found here.


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