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VitaPlate: what's on your plate?

VitaPlate shows you at a single glance what a perfect meal looks like. Half of the plate is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, a quarter is cereals and potatoes, the other quarter is protein sources. Top it off with a bit of healthy fat. If you eat in accordance with VitaPlate, you will optimally support your health and immune system!


Fill your plate and your shopping basket in the right proportions. Click the plates for more explication!

Vegetables and fruit: half of your plate

Super healthy. Eat at least 250 grams of vegetables per day (8 oz). More is allowed! The more vegetables you eat, the more useful nutrients you ingest: vitamins, minerals and bioactive substances. They lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and colon cancer. Leafy vegetables reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes. Additionally, we recommend you eat 200 grams of fruit per day (7 oz). Don't overdo fruits, because they contain sugar too. Nevertheless, like vegetables, fruits will lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and colon cancer.

Cereals and potatoes: a quarter of your plate

These are the fuel for your body, and more. Think of wholemeal bread and pasta, cereals, brown rice, (sweet) potatoes, etc. Whole grains reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and colon cancer. They also provide many other nutrients, such as B vitamins. 

Protein sources: a quarter of your plate

These are the building materials for your body and much more. Think beans, nuts and seeds, fish, meat, eggs, dairy, soy, and so on. We recommend you eat legumes, seeds and nuts daily. Eating fish every week reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Legumes help keep your blood vessels healthy. Note: if you are a vegetarian, you should eat 25 to 30% more protein!

Fat: just a bit

The fat you use in your meal is very important. Fats can transport fat-soluble vitamines and provide important fatty acids. Choose vegetable fats in particular. Olive oil and other oils from nuts, seeds , kernels and fruits are your best choice. Some fats are suitable for heating, others are better used cold.


With these practical food and lifestyle tips, you can easily make a VitaPlate three times a day and optimise the health benefits. Let's start with these three:

  • Limit your salt, but go wild with spices!
  • Drink a lot (a lot!) of water
  • Vary every day with fresh and pure ingredients and preferably chose organic



In 2021, Eosta and Ekoplaza jointly launched Dr. Goodfood's VitaPlate campaign in the Netherlands. With nudges inside the store, reliable information and the VitaPlate as a guide, Dr. Goodfood tries to help you in supporting your health and immune system with nutrition.



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